yafce wip update

here’s a small update of my f1 challenge wip
any c&c is welcome :slight_smile:

Looks like S68’s Userpic :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

maybe you schould add a heckspoiler [!]

And check the construction, it seem to be instable…


looks a little unstable, as if the front axles would crack any second.

needs a rear spoiler, bad.

why would it be unstable?
because the rods are too thin, or because the construction looks as if it has to many free variables?
As this is a futuristic design I’m assuming that they’ll have ultra strong materials by then. :slight_smile: that’s hy the rods are that thin and the nose iis so high up in the air

another question, what user pic of s68, I only see the black face on white background…

…then the down force on the front would lift the rear wheels off the ground…

hint: rear spoiler…

yes! like your car, but yours isn’t black ( don’t bother :smiley: )

there’s no reinforcement on the rods nor is it ‘really’ futuristic. if you made a semi-futuristic car it should have a certain ‘logic’ .

but it’s nice anyway :smiley:

cu keithian

nowadays, most of the suspension parts are tucked away in the body.
The forces are redirected by using levers.
so one dooesn’t need extra reinforcement rods.

But considering the picture is being made to pleasure the eyes, I might add them as extra detial.

Btw if you think it needs a real spoiler, plz vote :slight_smile:

If the spoiler options wins, I mighht add it :wink:

Post an image with a rear wing. You can always remove it.

The front suspension needs to look like it goes somewhere rather than just meeting with the main body. Make some holes or attachment points to add detail.

You demand we deliver.
I added a rear spoiler and changed the front suspension.
Also did some channges on the textures, and added a pair of rearview mirrors…