Yafray 0.0.7

Hi all,

Where do I get this version of Yafray?
Apparently with version 2.34 of Blender I can render in Windows via the Yafray plug-in but with version 0.0.7 - yes?

Then there seems to be a link to version 0.0.6 on the www.blender3d.org site. Additionally, I can’t seem to even navigate to www.yafray.org.

Sorry if this is a little dumb-ass of me, but I’m interested in trying to full integration of the renderer with Blender - more from interest than anything else. I really don’t want to have to learn about exporting it and using Yafray externally. Blender learning is enough for the moment. :smiley:


Additionally, I can’t seem to even navigate to www.yafray.org.

Well… that’s because there is a DOT behind the link you provided…behind the org …

Try it without a dot … like so : http://www.yafray.org/



The dot is only there because it’s the end of a sentence. I clicked on the proper link in blender3d.org.

In any case, I can now get onto the site. I wonder if it’s just a periodic thing on the yafray site.



haha … okay … but hey … you never know these days… :wink:

Well, I just did my first render of a cube with Yafray. Woohoo!

I actually don’t know yet what advantages I really get with this rendering method - but hey - always nice to have the option. :smiley:


ya it is as confusing as you know what! i tried to get a transparent monkey and in blender it looked great (except for lighting) and in yafra it was solid and the lighting was great! i have alot to figure out and i think that people should post all the information they know on how to get started in yafray and with yable here for people to read up on! so post away please! :wink:

i still can’t logon to yafray.org is there another place that i can get 0.0.7?

and everyone is talking about blender 2.34 but i can’t get it! where do i find it? :frowning:

best way to learn is to mess around with it and try new things until you understand… but that can be a pain :stuck_out_tongue: more tutorials on it would be cool
you can get blender 2.34 pre from blenders cvs or testing builds forum


Windows: Go to the above link. You’ll be in a forum post about the Windows pre-release. Go to the bottom of the initial post and in the signature you’ll see a small “Download Me!”. Click on this link and save to your hard drive.


The above is for Linux. There is a small link at the bottom of the first post. Where it says “Location: is here” click the “is here”.


The above is for OSX 10.2. The link is evident in the first post.


The above is for OSX 10.3. The link should also be evident in the first post.

That should be enough for you to download and start working.


YafRay is a very powerful rendering engine.

Check out the Other Software forum for info.
Also check out this…


One thing I like about YafRay is that it uses .xml files.
These can be edited in a text editor.

Check out the docs on the YafRay site.
The code is easy to understand.

You can also download a bunch of example .xml files
to learn from.


I actually don’t know yet what advantages I really get with this rendering method - but hey - always nice to have the option.

I’ll list a few here for you to think about. :slight_smile:

Indirect Global Illumination

I suggest that if you really want to learn to use YafRay
then sit down a try and do some really simple stuff just like when you
started out in Blender.

You really need to spend as much time on rendering as you do modeling.
Some goes for making and applying textures.

You dig what I’m saying?

dawgg! i dig what you are sayin’! lol!

anyway… thanks for those links and keep them comin cause i really want to improve my image quality and i hear yafray is the way to go. By the way i played around with yafray and i couldn’t get the transparent objects to show! is there something i am missing?

edit: and those links - i have already gone to - i still can’t figure it out but i’ll give it another try!

There should be a file called exp_test2.blend in that download.
Open it up in Blender 2.33a and have a look at the sphere material.


thanks i’ll do that and btw the link to blender 2.34 gives me a 4.mb zip with nothing in it! i couldn’ find the .exe so if some one could look into a correct link! :wink: