YafRay 0.0.8 Release Notes.


Hi. We have elaborated some notes about Yafray 0.0.8 release, mainly based on eeshlo’s commit logs:


These notes are a quick overview of Yafray ‘new’ capabilities. Besides, in them we are also trying to explain how Blender parameters are translated into Yafray XML files, and which ones are the YafRay features that can be only accessed by XML editing.

We hope you like them.

Claus Andersen and Alvaro Luna

PD: We’ve opened a discussion thread in YafRay forums specific about XML tuning:
YafRay XML Tuning Workshop


ooooh! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
These informations are precious: I overlooked many things apart from the obvious.


:eek: Well done!

Concise yet detailed, easy to read, excellent examples, and thorough. That is a great document. It was a pleasure to read, and I thank you for the effort!

Thank You, Claus and Alvaro!

I’m one (of probably many) of those who has always wanted to dig deeper into the Yafray-Blender connection. But, so far it’s always seemed like a bit of a mysterious occult art to me.

Thank you for clearing up the fog, and writing a very accessible piece of documentation. I really like the organisation of this. It’s not too hand-holding like some serious manuals and it’s not as cryptic as some renderer docs out there.

Keep up the good work.


nice feature list, this really makes me want to get into it.

i have always put off really using Yafray because of my time contraints, but now with the glass features the way they are, i will look at using it for my industrial design renders.


I’ve posted a zipped PDF of the web page here:

[edit: link updated 05/05/06]

hey Alvaro
good to see you guys back in action, I always believed yaf was the only OSS renderer that was gonna give a run for the money to the biggies. And now that you peps are back, we have can hope for some enhancements like mentioned :slight_smile:
(cant wait to try this)

keep up tha good work
c ya

Great work, thank you very much! It’s good to have a new, reliable source for yafray informations as I always had to experiment a lot to get the results that I wanted. That should change now :slight_smile:

If they could have close to full support of blender procedurals, get good correct SSS ready and have support for the upcoming nodes system I could find it a lot more attractive. Though the reason I still use Blender internal is because it can render things Yafray can’t as of now like particles. If it can do particles along with the above I may find good reason to use it often. Though now I could see the supposed stuff that delayed Yafray so long is complete, and faster rendering as i’ve read here before, also makes it soon to be very attractive.

Thx for the comments :slight_smile:

Samir: thats exactly the point, Im no Yafray wiz so it was written with average Joe in mind.

mzungu: allready obsolete, I just upped some pending information :stuck_out_tongue: but really thx!

Icoxo: It does have close to full support of blender procedurals - read the docs :stuck_out_tongue:

So take the time to try out the features you’ve had for almost a year but didn’t know about, and post some nice Yafray renders!

And I want to officially thank Alvaro (Samo) for organizing this - hes done much and know much - especially about wikis. :rolleyes:

But they’re going to have to put in support for nodes if you want to use the power of them for Yafray rendering by the time 2.42 comes out and I haven’t seen anything about support for particles/hair/fur.

I do know they have support for most procedural textures, but when it comes to the particle system and the node system I haven’t seen anything.

Perhaps in a release or two it may look attractive enough to use as in they get more correct SSS in and maybe the node system for 2.42 and not to mention hair and particles. As I would like these in Yafray before having any serious use with it (and fog start settings for hiding edges that signal the end of the scene but they did say they didn’t have much time)

Thanks guys.

From this morning we have completed the important articles “HDRI as background” and “HDRI prefiltering”. Check it out please.

mzungu, thanks for the zip file, maybe you should actualise it now that the HDRI section is finished.

The notes are more or less finished, we have pending only an article about Yafray anisotropic shading.

The notes really worth a carefull reading, we explain many tips and tricks.

Thanks to Claus aka ‘Claws’, Luis for his support and those people who has colaborated with images.

Oh, I just noticed: nothing about Photons in this otherwise brillant reference? If you need a pic to illustrate this topic, you can freely use this one: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=66466

olivS: theres nothing new about photons in the 0.0.8 release, that’s why it’s not there :wink:

You are however more than welcome to write a small tutorial on how you made your image and it could be posted in the generalt yafray wiki.


I guess it was pending. So, this document is not the current state of Yafray, but the commitments for the 0.0.7 -> 0.0.8 version? Impressive, very impressive. I should have paid a serious look sooner at Yafray :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have some free time early June. I’ll certainly try something, then :slight_smile: And perhaps sooner, but I can’t promise as I’m very busy for now.

Oh, I see. This is good. Are you able to work on Yafray, now? Or do you just have a little break from what you were doing before?

olivS: exactly - I get why it could be confusing since it is out 1 year after the 0.0.8 release :slight_smile:

Henrymop: Samo and I aren’t Yafray developers, we did this to contribute in our own way. Afaik there isn’t much development going on a the moment but Lynx is however comitting some code - optimizations and such. Check it out here:
And report back to him :slight_smile:

I’ll do my best to keep it updated…

Nice to know what’s going on with Yafray, thanks :slight_smile:

The internal shader structure of Yafray is actually node based since ages…only there’s still no proper blender API so people not 100% involved in blender development can’t really create export code in reasonable or update features between blender releases…