Yafray 0.0.9

Why the new version of the yafray (0.0.9) not accept render of material with trashadow? :confused:


You could turn on refraction

I think that yafray work with photons to create a precise transparent shadow.
Or am I wrong?

Do you use GI (I guess so…)?

If so, it’s not working due to the GI algorithm. Look here: http://wiki.yafray.org/bin/view.pl/UserDoc/FaqEng#Q37_I_can_get_YafRay_Lights_to_l

I believe that it is the new code, the old version do it.

I tested with the render internal and it is transparant.

Did you read my reply? IF you have used GI, then that’s the problem.

Since Blender’s Internal does not support it, it works, it even works in Yafray if you don’t use GI. So, is that the case, or not? If not, we’ll need to look further.

Myke, I tested in some ways but none has the resulted waited.

I believe that is necessary look this.

I ask for you test the my problem, if possible. :slight_smile:

Ah, I get it now…
That is a problem, yeah, besides the two workarounds from the Yafray docs you can’t really do something. Not that I know of, at least, sorry =/