Yafray - am I too stupid?

Hello everybody!

I’ve been trying for some time to get yafray (0.7) to work with Blender (2.34). Blender works just fine, and I’ve installed yafray, I can start it from the commandline. The problem is, when I try to render from Blender with “YafRay” instead of “Blender Internal” as renderer and try to use the plugin (“xml” switched off) I get:

Starting scene conversion.
Scene conversion done.
Loading plugins …
YafRay plugin loaded
Image allocated
Segmentation fault

Any suggestions?

Rendering with yafray via export works fine, it’s just sooo much slower than the internal renderer…

I’m running Debian, kernel version 2.6.6 (custom). My graphics card has 3d acceleration and the drivers work fine.

Thanks a lot in advance, I’m really lost…

Go to:


This is from a post I found from searching for ‘yafray’ here in this forum.

Thansk f or the advice :wink:

Unfortunately though, I have seen this before, and the not very helpful remark about a crashing yafray renderer in Blender is:

In case of crash please check the elysiun forums for possible answers.

Maybe I’m just too stupid to use the search function properly, but I didn’t find a solution to this problem yet :frowning:

I am unable to use yafray as well. When I render with yafray selected, the render screen comes up as a black screen. when I render with the ‘blender internal’ everything renders as it should in the render screen.

I’m completely stumped. Since blenderman’s site is temporarily down, I can’t consult their guide either…not that it was helping me solve this problem a few hours ago…

never mind. I’ve enabled yafray by selecting its tab in the render window, and then selecting ‘xml’. I doubt that you haven’t tried that, but good luck trying to get yafray to work.

What you have been missing ois most probobaly the export settings. If you pull the border of the uppermost window down, you’ll expose the user preferences. There, select “FilePaths” and set the YFExport value. (Under Linux, this is necessary anyway). If I unselect the xml button, as you described, blender crashes with the segmentation faut I’ve described.

The difference is, if you select the xml button, the scene gets exported to a file in the YFExport path, then yafray gets called to render this file, and when it’s ready, the result is displayed in the render window. In between, you don’t see the progress.

If you deselect the xml button, Yafray gets called as plugin, the scene is not exported, and you can see the rendering progress in the render window. This is most likely what you’re doing (and what, as said before, causes blender to crash in my case).

if you want to be able to use yafray in linux with the plug-in functions you need to build it yourself!!

see www.yafray.org for further details.

Have you used YafRay 0.0.6? If you did , did you uninstall it before installing YafRay 0.0.7?

Need help installing Yafray on Mac Os X. Can anyone talk me through it?

I don’t have a Mac so the only advice I can give you is to do a search on this forum with the words “YafRay” and “Mac” and read the replies on similar questions.