Yafray and Images

For some reason, in blender internal render, images show up fine on objects, but on yafray render, they dont show up at all. Anyone know how to fix this?

My first guess is that you need to convert the image, such as a JPG or BMP to TGA format.

ahhh… now I feel like an idiot… it was a BMP, converting it to TGA didnt work… but JPG is workin great.

Oh, also… the yafray DOF is lookin like crap… not fuzzy and nice, but scratchy and not nice. Got more solutions spin?

You are going to have to manually setup the AA, instead of “Auto AA”.

Visit here for details and settings…

at my pc yafray starts but there doesn’t show up anything

it doesn’t render(no samples collected also)

in the blender prompt window it shows

Loading Plugins....

Are you using the deafult YafRay settings?
If so then try these settings.

I circled the main settings for the best and quickest rendering.
Use ALL of the settings seen.

To see a comparison of this setting and the “Best” YafRay setting.
Visit here…
On render is 7 hours longer. Tho other one is a few minutes.