Yafray and Indigo questions...

Why is it that half of the time I use Yafray, my computer acts like it’s actually rendering it, and everything ends up coming out black? I don’t understand that…

Also, how do I get Indigo to work with Blender? The little button for Indigo doesn’t pop up in the rendering window…

Thanks for any help, guys and gals.


Indigo requires a separate script that exports the scene file. It is not integrated into Blender. For starters, have a look at the following.


Best of Luck!

Wow, that’s some very complicated stuff! How often do you need to change settings in that Indigo? And is it difficult to get accustomed to?

Lol, sorry for the questions. And thanks for the help!


It does take some getting use to. I have changed settings in Indigo quite often, and there are many settings that I don’t really understand. There are also settings possible that you can only modify by editing the xml file (igs file - indigo scene file).

What it won’t do, is use Blenders procedural shaders. What I do like, is the ability to stop and restart a render. Also, you can watch the render as it progresses, and stop it when you are satisfied. This also lets you catch some obvious errors, stop the render, and re-export the scene file.

Be prepared to tweak, and don’t get discouraged.

Haha, alright thanks a lot. I guess I’ll learn about all those fun nkdata files now. :slight_smile: I’ll come back if I’ve got any questions.


Don’t be shy, join the Indigo forums to. I have found the members there to be very helpful.

Not a terrible idea. I’ll go ahead and do that, then. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: