Yafray and OS X

I have a question for my fellow Mac users. How do you install Yafray on OS X 10.4.2? I downloaded the .zip from yafray.org and opened it, but nothing happens. StuffIt goes through the process of unzipping the archive to the folder, but nothing is actually added to said folder, it remains empty. What am I doing wrong here?

It’s a Stuffit problem. It happens to me too. That’s one of the reasons I don’t use Stuffit any more. Another reason is that if you unzip a huge file using it and it crashes because maybe the file is corrupt, it leaves what it managed to extract in an invisible folder wasting space. I’ve had a few hundred MB of space wasted because of it.

To extract yafray, just use the built-in zip extraction by right-clicking or ctrl-clicking the file and select bom-archiver. Alternatively use the unix unzip tools. I use the unix unrar tool for all my unrarring because it works best.

Thanks for the info on StuffIt, its hard enough getting used to the Mac interface after years of Windows without having to deal with invisible folders of wasted space.