YafRay and SubSurfs.

If I use a subsurfed something in YafRay, it has the nasty habit to take more then my 1GB RAM.

Three UVSpheres with 5 subsurf and I had to use swap space. Blender’s render does this without a problem, it just uses 180mb RAM.

Any solutions?

Three UVSpheres with 5 subsurf

A subsurf value of 5 is way to high – for each subsurf level the number of faces grows by 4 (assuming quads) so a single face with subsurf 5 will have 4 X 4 X 4 X 4 X 4 = 1024 faces! I seldom use a subsurf greater than 2 and never greater than 3.


Kewl and all, but else my sphere isn’t like, nice round… I haven’t put it on Set Smooth I remember now, maybe that’s it. --edit-- turned on set smooth, that works a lot better. :smiley: Thought it was viewing screen only, not the actual render.

Another question, how the heck do I stop YafRay from rendering while it’s busy? X_X (Without CTRL+BREAK, that terminates blender eh?)