Yafray and the "halo" light function

i have been doing some stills that include the "halo"bfeature that is within the light properties, everything works fine with the internal renderer, but i have found that yafray is much better, so to my horrer the halo effect seems not to be surpported by yafray!!

so is there any way i can get the “halo” effect to work with yafray??

and if not, how can i produce a sun / light effect with yafray with out using the “halo” fuction

any help would be helpful, lol



YableX has ‘halo’ lights for yafray

true. yafray has volumetric lights, but in order to use them out of blender you’ll need to either manually edit the xml-file, use a tool like bagisas or use the yablex export script. it gives you easy access to many yafraqy specific features right from inside blender.

ok, well thankyou for replying,

but xml, and yable, i have no idea, so could you please help a little more,

what do i do with xml? and what,where, and how do i use yable?

thankyou again


any one can help?? please


the frist level of yafray integration into blender was to output an XML (extended markup language - google for that for further information) file that yafray undestands. in general, it’s a human-readable text file that describes the scene - objects, light, camera position, background etc. yafray reads that file and renders the image. now, yafray supports more/different attributes for various settings than blender supports. so, you could edit the XML file and tweak it to switch on/off all those attributes you need, e.g. volumetric lights.

this is, at least for large scenes, a pain in the as#. this is the part where yablex kicks in. it is a python-script running in blender which lets you tweak loads of settings of the scene right out of blender. you simply select an object, edit it’s (yafray-relevant) settings, hit apply. when finished, you hit “export” to write the XML file which is then ready to be passed to yafray for the final render.

hope that gave you a general overview - for detaisl on which settings you#ll need to edit pls check out the yafray documentation or the documentation of the yablex script.