Yafray and UV

(Phrangkk) #1

I saw on the Yafrat site the image of the camera, with texture maps on the lens.
Does anyone have any tips on making this work?
I think Yafray is my new favorite!

(CurtisS) #2

If you mean the camera on the Yafray site here:

…then it would simply be an image map applied to a tube. The key is getting the image map the right size and high enough resolution.

Also, post questions like this in the Q and A forum. They will get more attention.

(Phrangkk) #3

This is the Q&A forum… or am I confused?

but back to Yafray, how do I tell yafray that this mesh has a texture assigned to it and where it needs to be placed.

I’ve tried to read through the camera.xml (and I’ve stolen the floor texture) but I can’t make the connection from the texture declaration to the render.

I remember reading somewhere that eeshlo’s export script supported UV coordinates.

I’ve been using yable0.5 and it rocks!

(theeth) #4

I moved your post :wink:


(Phrangkk) #5

Oh, I guess I am confused, sorry.