yafray and yable

hey fellows…
i just installed yafray, and can already render some basic stuff. i try to find some info about yaf and yable, but its all over the net, in small topics in threads. so i think we can make in this thready (at first) a place for questions and answers about the two programs, and also some shaders stuff. (like they have done in a 3d max forum). anyone who like the idea can send the .mat to me in [email protected] , or just post a link to download it here. just send some jpg of a cube rendered if your shader,
so i can leave this as preview.

later we could talk to people at yafray.org, and see if they wanna to post it in there. if not, i build some basic website, just to hold the questions and materials.

right now some questions (hey, im a noob in yaf)

  • can yable pick the informations from my lights and materials made in blender (how??) if not, i have to set lights by hand in yaf??

  • you i export the uv informations to yaf??

i think it’s an ok idea, but most people wanting to ask questions about yable and yafray ask at www.yafray.org on the questions and answers forum, thats what it’s there for.

i think the material libary is an excellent idea though.

In response to your questions,
no, yable does not get light or texture info form blender.
yes, yable does export UV info into the xml file

BTW yable hasn’t been updated for a long time, use yableX instead http://www.kino3d.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=7
and most people on the yafray forums are also on elysiun.

anyone… how i write this settings directly in the xml archivr (i cant find anywhere how to). and i just cant make some glass with bagisa!!!

Colour - R=0.13,G=0.13,B=0.13
Specular Colour R=0.23,G=0.23,B=0.23
Reflection Colour R=0.65,G=0.65,B=0.65
Transmitted Colour R=1.0,G=1.0,B=1.0

[Press the ADD IOR button if using Yable]
Min Ref=0.2

And on the object attributes (they appear on the material page in Yable but actually get added to the object properties in the final xml file

[Press the ADD ATTRIBUTES button]
[Press the CAUSTIC IOR button]
CausIOR = 1.52
[Press the CausticTColour button]
Under the CausticTColour button - set the colour to white (R=1,G=1,B=1)
You may also want to activate the “Autosmooth” button


look in YABLEROOT/Archive , you find a foomat.mat is the saved material
and also object attibute is saved in the Archive dir
if you push on preview a xml preview is saved in the YABLEROOT directory

i have modified the version to fix the win render and added the UVmap

look http://www.kino3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=815
let me know if it work

if you register to kino3d you can attach files an if you want
you can put your material library
but from what i read from eeshlo the blender-yafray integration is near
i hope :slight_smile: