YafRay Blank Render?

Hi I am new to this community and Blender, but I am excited about the potential of Blender, and the helpfullness of this community.

I did my fair share of searching, but could not find anything that helped me figure out my problem, which could very well be obvious.

I rendered this image several times. It is a plastic bottle, on a plane, lighted with HDRI, and rendered through YafRay .0.0.9.
Recently the render started being blank. Just a light gray color. It was during this time that I was trying to attempt to make my HDRI image transparent and my plane now textured white. So basically I was attempting to keep my scene lit with the hdri image, but I want it to look white, then I wanted the plane which was now wood textured to be white. Think mac ad :slight_smile:

I can not seem to remember all the settings I changed, but I honestly dont think it was many if any that I have not changed back already.
Hint: The render displayed looks just like the color of the horizon which is setup under ‘world’

Any insight is very helpfull.


Blend Uploaded.


Mist enabled. WTF would I have ever enabled this.