Yafray&Blender crushes with linux.


I’ve been using linux mandriva’2007, and when I switch ‘xml’ button off blender crushes. Don’t know what to do. Some time I was trying Ubuntu’2005… the same effect.

Thanx, beforehand.

Hi, I’ve also had this problem.

Let me guess, you used the Blender you downloaded from blender.org?

It crashes on my Fedora Core 6 if I try to use Yafray 0.0.9 internally (xml button off) with my Blender 2.42a.

The work around for this I found out myself is to download blender through a package manager like Yum or Synaptic (not sure about Synaptic).

I use the version of Blender I downloaded through Yum and it works fine.

I hope it works for you too.

Yes, you’re right. From blender.org exactly. But what to do if I have internet connection only on my work with windows OS. Ok, thanx for your reply, I’ll try to search througt the internet something like rpm packages.

You can download the source code for Yafray using Windows and bring it home, transfer it into your home computer and install it there.

Yafray still works with the blender downloaded from blender.org but you’ll have to leave the xml button on and wait till the rendering is finish before the final image will show up.

If you’re using your Ubuntu then try installing Blender from Synaptic, otherwise, just don’t turn off the xml button and I think the rendering should work with some wait.

As well, if you only have internet connection at work, then can you bring your home computer to work and use the Internet there?

If not, maybe your friend or neighbour have internet connection you can borrow?

Thanx a lot, Wolf, you’re very correct. I have just downloaded rpm packages of yafray and blender for mandrake’2007, but I don’t know if they dynamic or static. Unfortunatelly, I’m the one who use open source from thousands of… in my city. I’ll try them. If they fails, so I have to leave the button turned on. Thanx a lot again, I really appreciate your help. I wouldn’t guess without you to try such a way.

Wolf, you were absolutely right. Most interesting is that when I installed the packages, ran the blender, switched to yafray I didn’t find the XML button. There is no THE XML BUTTON at all! Big thanx!!!