Yafray: Blenders procedureals, doesn't work in yafray?


I’m sitting here enjoying the all new Blender 2.34 with the
yafray renderer…

but I’ve noticed that there are a lot of things that just doesnt
work with yafray.

is it true that the Procedural textures simply don’t work
with yafray?!

I can’t get them to work

Some do, others don’t. I can’t remember which procedural textures work - check the docs. Some other stuff won’t work like mblur and ramp shaders. I tend to stick with the Blender internal renderer. You could probably render one of the procedurals to an image, map it and render that in yafray.

Not all of them are supported.

Clouds, marble, stucci and wood are supported. Maybe in the near future those will be ported to yafray. It’s not very difficult to do, the algorithms are already there, they just need to be implemented as shaders inside yafray’s code.


Ok, I’ve gotta work with what we have now, so I’m using “Clouds”
It’ll do.