[yafray] - Brushed Metal material

Hi everybody.
Happy to come back with you (after a long long time, to long for me).

So now I answer me about yafray.
So I want to know how to make an brushed metal material in yafray, if yafray manage anistropic shader.

thanks :Z

Oh :o :o nobody to reply…

:-? :expressionless: :expressionless: “cry…”

Check out the video tut on yafray availible at blenderman.org, it is very informative. As for your question, yafray doesn’t support procedural textures, this is covered in the tut mentioned above. :slight_smile:

ok thanks, I’ll look after that, I don’t knew this site.

Not yet, but I hear most procedurals will be supported in the next version :slight_smile:

Bellorum : oh okay…
I’ll make all with photoshop, so no problem for me. thanks :wink:

charding : I don’t find the yafray video tutorial. Must I register me to access to video tutorial ?