Yafray Bug

On my PC when I bring up blender to render in Yafray like this it just crashes, i had the same problem on my laptop, need help with this asap


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  1. Do you have it installed?
  2. What is the nature if the crash?
  3. Are you using depth of field? If you are, there is a bug that doesn’t allow you to render DOF with more than one thread.
  4. Does it work when you export an xml and when you use the plugin?

If nothing fixes it, you may have a screwed up registry.To fix it, completely uninstall it, including getting rid of the registry keys and reinstall.

Also this:

Q02: Why does blender crash when using the yafray plugin from my own yafray build?

A: Apparently, your blender and YafRay builds were not done with the same compiler(-version). The reason why this doesn’t work is that there is no one-and-only C++ ABI (yet) like there is for C, hence different compilers and sometimes even different versions of the same compiler (e.g. gcc 3.3 and gcc >=3.4) are not binary compatible. So either find out what compiler was used for blender and use a compatible one, or compile both yourself with the same compiler