Yafray Caustics Test

So, I wanted to do some caustics, but I didn’t want to do ye olde transparent primative. I came up with this.
Still experimenting on material settings for the Ground. Nothing looks really good. I’m also trying to get the points to converge on the ant, but I can’t get it to focus properly. Do I need to up the IOR on the glass. I’ve already tried moving my photon lamp further away

Poor ant. Maybe you could try from another angle. And correct me if I´m wrong but I think the spot that´s going to fry the insect should be more accurate… kind of a concentration point.

Yeah, I’m having trouble getting the point to converge. I’m going to have to fake the true phenomena, because the reason that the point converges in real life is because the photons are moving in parallel. I can’t get that same effect from a photon lamp because there will always be spread. If anyone can figure out how I can get that convergence, I’de really appreciate it. Here is a screen dump of my current settings.

It might be cool to have some sort of texture on the ground. That way we’ll see the magnification better.

You could always set up a tube shaped like a funnel and then set to halo to get the pinpoint on the ant…but it might look retarded…dunno.

Interesting work either way


I can’t tell from the screen cap, but you could try actually modeling the concavity of the glass and the photons should converge. Also, the IOR of glass should be between 1.5 and 1.7, a little higher than that is crystal glass. And transparency should be completely transparent in case you haven’t done that yet.

Minor update:

Need to fix the lame ground textures. I’ve never done ground before though, and experimenting with is slow work. I acheived the look I was going fro with the caustics though. I have 1 wide beam photon lamp, and one with an angle of 1.00 set to higher intensity. I also worked on the ant mesh a little. It still looks ugly as hell :< It was the first thing I’ve ever modelled that was alive though so…