Yafray Colored Glass

Hey everyone, these are some of my first tries with yafray.

1 hour render, HDRI, Full GI at “higher” setting.

6 min render, HDRI, Full GI at “Low” setting.

Okay, here’s some questions i got.

  1. Does turning off XML make rendering considerably slower?

  2. How can i get rid of those ugly lines and blotches on the ground? They switch from blots to lines when i mess with the precision value. What should i do to just get a nice smooth floor?

Edit:/ Okay, i just did some experimenting and found that i only get the lines and blotches when i use HDRI. it’s because Yafray takes the color from the HDRI image and uses as ambient light. How can i prevent this while still using HDRI?

nice job

  1. There isn’t really a significant difference for speed if you have xml selected or not. Although that’s just in my personal experience.

  2. You must turn off cache. With cache turned off you will get noise on the lower quality levels though. If you use half hdri and half normal lighting, there will be less noise/blotches. Just turn the gi slider down a bit and use some light sources.

btw there seems to be something wrong with either the hdri you are using or the way you have the hdri set up. I can see a weird black spot in the sphere’s reflection. the uffizi probe doesn’t have any big black spots (I’m guessing that’s uffizi).

doing a some post pro could fix the problem.
That’s what a little bit of photoshop can do.

let me know if you want me to remove it.


The spots appear because of how random spots on the background HDR image are sampled.

  • You can either turn off Cache, but this will make it noisy, and will be considerably slower to render (like ten times, or even more)
  • You can turn the quality higher.
  • Or, what I do, is open the HDR image in HDRshop (get the first version for free at: http://www.hdrshop.com/), and apply a Gaussian blur filter, and use that blurred image in blender. This will reduce the spots considerably.