Yafray crash when passed image-based textures

Has anyone had issues with Yafray crashing (taking Blender along with it) when passed an object having multiple large-ish textures applied (color, bump, spec variants for same surface)?

It usually croaks and says that the app (Blender) could not access memory location (insert some cryptic hexadecimal here).

When I take the object with the three image/texture maps out, the scene renders beautifully, and putting the object back in with just an image for a texture (a single color channel) it works just fine.

Inputs? I’ve searched the base and forum and come up with issues that dance everywhere but on this topic.



I have not had this problem. And I typically use very large texture maps when I do stuff too, (i.e. 3000x3000 pixel colour maps), for skin textures, etc.

Maybe post the error message at Yafray site and someone will have an answer for you. Or post it here. Some of the coding guru’s here could meybe enlighten you as to what is going on.


This happens to me sometimes. Not the exact error you get but the same results.

You can try this - turn on the XML button in Yafray settings tab. It’s my understanding that this will open up Yafray to do the rendering instead of using the Blender plugin. The only problem is you don’t get to see any of the image until it’s completely rendered.

Hope this helps.