Yafray Crash

I have been trying to render a model with Yafray, but everytime I hit the render button, Yafray crashes. Oddly enough when I turn xml off, Blender crashes. I am using Windows Vista with Blender 2.46.
An inspection of the console reavealed that Yafray needed the image for a UV texture I made (messing around with BI, I discovered that I could throw away the image and it would still render fine). I restored it and now the console gives me a different error.
It lists several unused paramaters then ends with “Could not execute yafray. Is it in a path?” At which point it completley lost me.

it’s along time that the rendering with yafray without xml export enabled is not suported. to do so u have to recompile blender your way u can go to the blender forum for more detail here -> http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1173

otherwise here is a pre compiled version having yafray and kerkythea enabled, kerkythea is a render engine like yafray and supporting more options.
u can go here -> http://cobalt3d.free.fr/images_3dblender/kerkythea/documentation/Blender2Kerkythea_en.htm for donload

See that field on the top left corner of the attached image?, that’s likely the path that it’s asking for.



It is a (relatively) common problem at the moment, on Windows. I believe the cause is using Blender and Yafray versions built with different compilers.

“Could not execute yafray. Is it in a path?” -

suggest that Blender is unable to find Yafray. You could try compiling Yafray yourself, use it on Linux if you have access to a Linux computer or try using Yaf(a)ray.


Gah, completley forgot about the Linux thing. I have Linux installed on a seperate hardrive just for blending so I might switch over to that.
As an aside question, is their usually a significant increase in quality when doing external scenes? It seems like most of its advantages pop up while rendering rooms and what-not.

I have the same problem, Does that mean there is no fix at the moment? Is there a more stable version we can download?

As far as I am aware development of Yafray has been discontinued. Try Yaf(a)ray ?

EDIT: Thinking laterally for a moment, you might get away with using an earlier version of Blender.