Yafray crashes upon disabling 'xml' under XP and Vista

Is this a know problem?

I loved being able to watch the render as it progressed, now it doesn’t work anymore. If you disable the ‘xml’ button to do this Blender instantly crashes. Without XML disabled, it renders fine. Anyone else notice this?

If so, what are the solutions, if any?

Oh, and Im using the Pentium IV optimised version from the yafray site, and Blender 2.47, but it also crashes with 2.46.

This one’s working!

I’d prefer to be using 2.47 though.

I remember seeing this before. Blender has changed enough that it’s no longer compatible with Yafray through library calls (DLLs). Regardless of your platform, if you’re using 2.45+ (I think), you gotta use xml.

This one works too:

it is a know issue, Blender latest releases are compiled with MSVC9 while YafRay 009 was compiled using MSVC8, as a result there are some minor issues that started to appear from the 2.45 release.