Yafray depth of focus jaggedness


I’ve been playing with settings in Blender to get rid of that jaggedness in the background, but I haven’t been able to pull it off yet, as you can see. I can lessen the Yafray DOF setting to make it less blurry, except a) I want it blurry. :wink: and b) it’s still a bit ugly, though less so. Any ideas how to improve the render so the artifacts back there aren’t so sharp and noticable?

(and yeah, this is me playing with subsurf creases to make dice ;))

Have you set the AA for yafray? If not, use the yafray panel, take off auto aa, and set your own settings.


Ah; good call.

The default settings seem to be 0 (no AA). Hmm. I guess I’ll have to experiment a while to figure out what gives a better result … thanks.

EDIT: Setting the threshold down pretty much fixed it up. 8)

This was mentioned in the commitlogs, which understandably not everyone will have seen, so I’ll just repost here:

Note to users: raytraced DoF is very slow, for best results, the default AA parameters are not good enough, especially with higher aperture values (more blur).
So for best results, disable ‘Auto AA’ and set the AA parameters yourself.
It works best with multi-pass AA (‘AA passes’ > 1) and a reasonable ‘AA samples’ value, something in the range 8 - 25 or even higher.
Currently the post-process DoF is not available in yafray, alternatives are being worked on.