YafRay doesn't render normal mapping

So I’ve just come back to Blender after a couple of years away (using Lightwave 7.5) and am very impressed with the progress that’s been made. I’m only having one problem that I couldn’t find an answer to. I set up a scene with a plane and an object resting on the plane, and applied my textures. The plane has procedural texture mapped to it’s normal to simulate roughness on the surface. This renders just fine using Blender’s Renderer, but when I switch to YafRay, it no longer renders the procedural. Is this a known problem? I’ve searched through the Knowledge base, and this site as well as the YafRay site, but didn’t see anything relating to YafRay not rendering procedurals. Any help would be appreciated!

I seem to remember reading that normal maps come out really weakly in yafray. Try increasing the Nor slider hugely as a workaround to see if it has any effect.

Bumpmap levels should be about similar now, but the problem could also be the procedural texture you use. Currently only clouds/marble/wood and stucci are supported, and stucci is simply implemented as clouds used as bumpmap.
The various noisebases are not supported yet, but I am working on that right now.
Stucci remains a bit of a problem because of how Blender calculates it. I’ll leave the ‘magic’ texture out as well.

Ok, thanks for the replies… I’ll keep that info. in mind…