YAFRAY doesn't work with BLENDER on LINUX !!! HELP

hello, i’ve just installed linux and i wanted my beloved Blender to run under Linux. I installed it and it works great.
I installed Yafray too, but where i’m in Blender and i want to render with Yafray nothing happens… :frowning: only blank render window appears … :frowning:

It happend to me when using blender under windows and when i forgot to install yafray :wink:

What can be wrong ?? :frowning:

I’m sure that yafray works, because in terminal command yafray -help WORKS.
Linux USERS - HELP !! :expressionless:

maybe i need to do some conections?

Check out the console. I get a blank window too. I use Mac OS X Panther and first it was because I hadn’t installed yafray, then it was because I hadn’t specified an output directory in user prefs (this might be your problem) and lastly it’s because I get a segmentation fault from yafray. I don’t know if some Blender versions are producing bad yafray output but it dies after parsing the XML from Blender. The file looks ok, though.

If setting the directory in user prefs doesn’t work or you get a seg fault, you could try using yable, which is a script to export to yafray and then render manually.

BTW, if you don’t know how to set the directory, go to user prefs and click files and output paths button then choose a directory for yafray output. For some reason, I found that after an unexpected quit, all my paths were cleared. Maybe you have to set them for each scene but I wouldn’t have thought so.

It’s definatly the YFexport path setting which is empty, had the same problem yesterday %|

THIS: YFexport path setting - what it should be like ?? :expressionless:

/myblenderfolder/ ??

/usr/bin ??

/home/myusr/ ??

Some place where the program has permissions to write to… If you don’t care about the stuff send it to /tmp. Otherwise you can create a yafray directory in your home an send it there /home/yourlogin/yafray.

THX everyone, and sorry for that stupid question up there :expressionless:

Everything is working great now, and all that i’ve done -> setting up YFexport path :smiley:

THX again, now i can start working again :smiley: but this time under LINUX :Z