Yafray DoF crashes?

I have a scene I can render fine until I add depth of field, then it freezes up completely after one “fake pass” dot. I have left it on for over three hours and it’s still only one dot. there is no way it is actually that slow either, I have a very fast computer. the equivalent scene without dof only takes 3 minutes to render. anyone else have this problem?

Nah, I never have this problem, but that’s probably because I have officially given up on using DOF in yafray, it’s hideously slow.

I know this is probably not what you wanted to hear, but can’t you just save the Zbuff and either use the compositor or an image editing app to blur it after the fact?

so I’ve heard… back to photoshop it is. I need to look up the compositing method, too, do you know what thread it’s in?