YAFray DOF Test

Trying to figure out the DOF settings in YAFray. This is just a simple model test. Nothing special.



Very sweet.

I’ve played a little with YafRay DOF without being able to get decent results.

I hope you will share your settings :slight_smile:


LOL! Actually, this was the default settings. I didn’t change a thing. Just set the focal point to an empty placed at the centre of the bird in focus.



Then it must be scene scale.

Whit default settings I got three zones: unifor,mly blurred vicinity, sharp midrange, uniformly blurred far zone. Abrupt transitions, very ugly (But it was yafray 0.0.27 or 0.0.3)


is it just me or are the reflections not showing any DOF?
anyone know why?

Ive never had a problem with DoF in yaf. Default settings too, i dont know what all that mumbo-jumbo means.

That’s probably because DOF is a filter not directly integrated in the rendering process.


DOF Blur in yafray is similar to Blender’s zblur. It takes the rendered pic along with a zbuffer and blurs the areas outside of the depth of field. So, since reflected “psuedo-objects” don’t exist in the zbuffer, they don’t get blurred. (By pseudo objects, I mean that to our eyes they appear to exist even though they don’t. That’s why in the real world we can focus on different parts of reflections)