yafray DoF - what settings do you prefer ??

Hi, everybody

Ive made a nice yafray flower, and today I wanted to experiment with the yafray DoF settings. Until now I had no luck with it :confused: Ive seen very beautiful images out there but what settings do they have used?! hmmmm
The DoF Dist is easy to get via the “camera limits” button.
If I turn on “Aperatue” the image gets very noisy and has too less blur

I wanted to ask the community what settings you use in the yafray DoF panel?

thanks for any reply !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The yafray DOF is very noisy and not very correct.
Neither is the blender compositing DOF but it’s faster and less noisy.
Have you tried that?
You can keep your yafray render then do a depth render internally and use compositing nodes to apply to the yafray render.

yes you’re right…
Ive found this link which shows the problem

I havn’t tried any depth renders so far… but I will have a look at it
thanks for the hint!

yafray DOF.



at Alvaro: thanks for the link I will read it while my picture renders

I ve experimented a little bit and Ive found some things Ive forgotten.

Im now rendering with:

Aperature: 0.035
Turned off Auto AA in  the yafray render panel
Set AA Passes to 25
Set AA Samples to 25
And Thr to 0.080

The render time will increase a lot I think! thats why I cant figure out for now if these values are best for my picture, but a small test render looked good.
If you increase the Aperature size you need to raise the AA Passes and AA samples to blur the image more.

okay now im rendering in high-res and I will post the image in finished projects in some hours :wink: and a link to it in this thread.

Ehh?? In what way do you think it is not correct? It is a totally standard technique, really. If yafray can’t get it right, then neither do other renderers which use the same method (though I don’t really know of any other methods besides multisample and postprocessing).

Some users don’t know the fact that noisy Dof results have a direct relation with low settings of antialiasing. :rolleyes:

Yes that was exactly what I had forgotten…
But with large “Aperature” sizes you have to raise Yafrays options of antialiasing
and what I had experienced was that the rendertime increases like hell !!!

as example I’m rendering a small Banner for my homepage in 180x30 with 7 letters and a plane have set AA Passes to 18 and AA Samples to 18, Quality is best. Render time is 2 mins and 27 sec ! wooo! on AMD X2 3800+

but yafray does a good job!

Setting the threshold value to zero is not necessary, lowering can help smooth the picture, but setting it to zero in fact will do anti-aliasing on every pixel whether it needs it or not. So better to just lower it bit, but not set it to totally zero.
Setting a high number of passes is also not really going to make all that much difference, the main smoothness factor that makes the most difference is really the amount of samples. A single pass with a high number of samples may be sufficient. And that tends to work best for use with bokeh as well (if there is anyone who actually has used that).