Yafray & Escher - update

Hi all.

I wanted to do some tests with HDR and Blender Internal Render. But then I kinda’ accidently used Yafray and liked the effect…

Here is the render. It is post-proed a bit.

C&C most appreciated.

Bye :Z

Edited title…

Oh my gosh! Thats nice man!
Little too bright maybe, but oh so nice!

Nice “test”… I resent that. J/K. Really great! :stuck_out_tongue:
Well composed.

Nice! Other than the brightness and the really bumpy wood, I love it! I particularly like how you made the ring go through the holes in the glass object.

Ok this is the last “test” of yafray everybody…IT WORKS!!! geez
hehe on a serious note. Nice job

Thanks for the kind words guys. I know the effect was a bit overdone, but I wanted to get a kinda artistic result. I will decrease the bumpmap on the floor.

Here is another thing I made with the same settings and materials. I’l leave the deeper meening behind it for guess. It is based on some work of M.C. Escher whoes work I love very much.

New winamp 6.0 “Play” button! :wink:

I love the lighting and everything in the first image. I don’t think it’s too bright at all.

As for that last one, that’s an “impossible” shape… how did you do that? It’s probably something simple that I just don’t know about but I have to find out somehow.

Wow, Very nice render. The impossible shape is really well done. Could we have a .blend or a wire because its really incredible. I have no clue how this can be done in 3d. as an image yes but in 3d?

Very nice

Tnx guys :).

I am at school now and ImageShack is blocked here :stuck_out_tongue: (becouse of “hack” in the name… idiots) so I couldn’t upload the image there. But found another site.
I do not know where to upload the blend to, but it is easy to create. Follow the steps and look close at the image below.

  1. Create the shape I made.
  2. Create a line with the two verticles where the camera should be aiming at.
  3. Create a orthographic camera and track it to the line.
  4. Place the camera on the line, away from the object.
  5. Render!

Good luck.


So thats how you do it :smiley: Awesome :Z Thanks :slight_smile:

I find the image so good, that it borders on terrorism. You, sir, are being reported to the CIA right now.

Do problem Slèpnyrl, glad to made it clear :).
Wow thanks mikemayday :).

Haha, masterfully done! The other objects don’t even give anything away. I also love MC Escher, and I have some of his concepts on my “to-model” list. Thanks for the tip about tracking the camera to a line. Never would have thought of that one. :slight_smile:

how do you do the hdr’s so well?

please explain!!!

Your blenders are awesome and I love Escher, I have a book of his works…

Thank you Soter.

How to do the HDR’s well… I dunno for certain for I don’t know the meaning of some parameters so I just change them and see what the result is.

Basic: make a new texture - chose image - chose the HDR - assign it to the world - there chose “real” (so that it matches the real horizon) - chose AngMap in F8 - chose Hori in “MapTo” - that’t it.

Advanced: chose Yafray as renderer - chose Yafray GI Full - EmitPower 1.1 - GI-power 0.75 - 250000 photons.

I have one sunlight casting no shadows and a lamp at the opposite site for some extra light. That’s about it. :smiley: Hope it helps.

I made another render and finetuned all sort of things. Here is the result. I faked a sort of DOF with photoshop. As well as a simple glow.

Here’s another render I did. Relative simple, but I kinda like it.