Yafray experiment

Just playing around and experimenting with Yafray. What do you think?


That looks good :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s fantastic!
Do want to share your material? I love the way it is refracting the red part and the edges are all noisy. Does that make sense?
Also do you want to share your lighting setup?

Cool work. That bit with the ball and the black and red plane is really striking – cropping the image to just that is a very nice composition.

I’d like to do something with it – check your pms if you’re interested.



Thanks for your comments!

Here are some screenshots of the materials and textures specs.
As a texture for the sphere I used a picture of a butterfly.

Lighting was basically achieved by using a HDRI as the main light source. HDRI rendering really gives a touch of realism to your projects. Also 2 additional lights (plain lamps) were used as effects. One of them is placed directly behind the sphere and the two planes, the other one slightly to the right of the sphere.

Close-up of the sphere.


That really reminds me of some sort of sculpted ice model

Roffey, you are quite right :slight_smile:
Interesting concept!
It could even melt a bit right?

Slightly modified and updated version.

Really cool picture.
How do you use HDRI-images?

Your butterfly texture looks like it’s tiled.
It creates lines on the ball which gives me the impression it’s flat.
You could make the texture bigger without changing the butterfly so that the lines move to the back of the ball.
Or maybe you should try and change your texture settings.

check out this link for more information on HDRI,
especially the chapter called “Creating an HDRI environment”


thanks for your comment!
You are quite right about the texture looking a bit flat.
I will modify it as soon as possible.

Spheres are very commonly done in Yafray but the butterfly and red background bring this to a different level. btw what does the text at the top say in english?