Yafray freezes with DoF and dual processors

I think I found a bug that makes Blender/Yafray freeze up.

Start with the default Blender scene,
Make Yafray the renderer,
Set the DoF distance and the Aperture to something on the camera,
Set Processors to 2,

And it sits there using up CPU but not making any apparent progress in rendering.

Setting Processors back to 1 is a workaround.
(But you have to exit Blender and restart Blender for that change to take effect.)

No problem here… shrug
i386 Linux, K7 SMP kernel, dual-Athlon 1800+, blender 2.41, yafray cvs

Maybe the problem is that I’m using a Pentium D?

In the DOS window, it saysFake pass: [
and it stays like that instead of putting a “#” out every so often.

I’ve upgraded to Yafray 0.0.9, and I still get the same freeze problem for the 2 processors setting.

I think you have the same processor as me. could you tell me exactly what you have because the same thing happens to me and I have a dual. For me that setup only works if you set processors to 1.

Yep, hangs for me too. WinXP, BF 2.42, Yafray 0.0.9, Athlon X2 4400 + Yafray DoF + Processors set to 2. I’ll play with it some more this weekend.

Same problem here.
Pentium 4, WinXP sp2. Bf2.42
I think I had the same strange behaviour with the optimized versions(G6/G7?) of Yafray 0.0.8.
The render starts, sometimes it is showing 1 or 2 #'s , on other times none. The XML option in Blender make no difference.
Then it just hangs using like >90% CPU. In the command window you can’t use CTRL-C to cancel the render.

Does it maybe have something to to with the msvcr71.dll?
Or a virusscanner or other resident software?
Someone have a clue?

Here’s more of my machine details:

Dell Optiplex GX620
Physical Address Extension

Windows XP SP2

Blender 2.42
Yafray 0.0.9
Python 2.4.2

Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition

Since this seems like a real bug, I’ve posted it to the Yafray bugtracker on blender.org.

I’ve retested this issue with Blender 2.42a, but it’s still there.

Well Dude I am on a AMD X2 3800+ OC to 2.5GHz,but anyway not sure whats Dof but the dual processors selection seem to work fine with me.

Depth Of Field, camera option only available when Yafray is selected as renderer. This creates blurring, for objects out of focus. With DOF not selected the problem does not occur.
SAM_theman, maybe you can now give it a try, with the DOF option on. See what happens.

I found that the DoF distance does not have to be set in order for the freezup to occur.

In order to get this issue through bugtracker, it has been posted in the Yafray forum also:

Hopefully this gets fixed. I’ve crashed like 10 renders due to this; turning processors back to 1 worked, thanks for the tip.

For the purpose of investigating this, I run Microsoft Windows XP SP2 w/ an Intel Core Duo.

You can also make yafray hang by setting processors to 2 and make a point light with a radius greater than 0.
edit: I cant make it crash on every scene, but it is a definite cause of crashes