Yafray function proposal

Ok, I’ve just thought of something very simple.
Do you think it would be possible to add what seems to me a very useful function to export?

That would be a button to avoid writing of the yafray file when you hit render.

That would be simply allow the most adventurous to be able to edit the yafray file directly into the blender text editor, then launch a rolling menu inside the yafray panel that would let you choose from a xml file to render from.

That way you could also be able to keep different manually edited versions of your work.

What do you think about this idea? Would it be interesting?


It seems to be a good idea but it is some work for something you can already do. you can edit the xml file manually and save it under another name and then render the xml you want by using yafray under the command line (at least that’s how I do most of my stuff under linux when I want to play around with xml files output from blender’s exporter).
I think you can also do that under windows using the command prompt.

Hope this helps.



AFAIK the file used to be exported by default; if you want to edit the XML directly you need to play with the XML button in the Yafray settings in the Render buttons (F10) (clicking it “on” generates the XML file, which you can then modify to your heart’s content).

The current xml file isn’t really suitable for quick editing, it was never really meant to be of practical use. The whole system needs a rewrite, but I’m currently too busy with other things right now. So unless anyone else takes this up, it might possibly not happen for a quite a long time.
The ‘fabled’ Next Version Of Yafray will no longer use xml files anymore anyway…