Yafray gargoyle

This is a try to reproduce a little statue losed somewhere in my home.
I ‘finished’ it today and I plan texturing soon (previous UVunwrap session)
I accept any tips for the UV Unwrap :slight_smile:


Hope you like it…
c&c are welcome

sorry for my bad english :expressionless:

hahaaaa thats pretty cool dude, i like it.

Looks very nice…as for the UV…you could give www.uvmapper.com a try[tip: make sure that the normals are pointing the right way!]

Looks nice, very good modeling.

Nice model. As for uv mapping, ahhh, I would say that Blenders LSCM mapping is your best tool for this. Look up LSCM mapping in the forums.

Blenders LSCM mapping makes uv mapping very easy for complex models like yours.

Blend on!

Thanks for the feedback. I will texture it soon :slight_smile:

See ya’!