Yafray GI and radiosity


Does Yafray’s GI render radiosity without doing the collect meshes stuff? I’m new to all this and would like to know what I don’t need to know, if you know what I mean :smiley:


Radiocity is not rendered on render time in Yafray. The effect from GI is different and rendered via GI controls in render panel.

Thanks - just to clarify: If I use Yafray as the renderer, the radiosity settings have no effect?

I have read about GI here and at the bottom in the glossary it has a description:

Global Illumination: It is a method( algorithm) of computation for light calculation in the scene which, takes in to account the light bounces from the neighboring surfaces, along with the normal illumination of direct lights. In Other words GI calculates the Indirect light also, thus it makes the renders more photo-realistic. Examples of GI methods are Radiosity and Ambient Occlusion in Blender and on general scale Radiosity, Ray tracing and Caustics all use different GI algorithms.

… but this doesn’t quite say what Yafray means by GI!

If you precalculate Radiocity it will render as is in Yafray (since it now supports vertex colors.) GI through yafray will calculate emit values and bounce values of light. They are not as bright as radiocity emit values but they do get calculated. In fact most of it is regular ambiant occlusion (better than Blender’s dirt shader.)

That clears it up for me, thank you.