Yafray GI Power

The GI power setting used to increase the GI power in Yafray, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything anymore, which is rather unfortunate since that’s the only way to increase reflected lighting without getting very bright sports from direct lighting.
Does anyone else experience this problem?

I have the same problem. At now only way to increase GI power is to edit xml file manualy :frowning:

It works on the outside scenes where the pathlight comes directly from the background, because it seem that GI power is now background light power. It used to be GI power for every lightsource :\ Is this a bug or a WAD?

just woundering, no one is having problems with this now are they, because i dont

Umm, what were you wondering about? :slight_smile: At least two of us are having problems with this and you just have to try and make an indoor scene with Gi which doesn’t have much or bright light sources and you are going to have a problem with this as well.