-Yafray- Glass balls on block of wood.

you can congradulate me for the very creative title later. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a picture of some glass balls on a block of wood (hence the creative title)


i used yafray to make the image but i done the DOF using the node editor, Its quicker and i think it looks better than the Yafray DOF, buts its not easier (but hey, all good things have downsides too, except a good pair of socks i cant find anything wrong with a good pair of socks…)

what do you think, i am using it as a wallpaper now!

Nice title. :slight_smile:

The green ball looks like it’s hovering. Other than that, it’s nice.

yeah i noticed that, but the green 1 isn’t accually off the ground,its exactly touching the surface, but i know what you mean

you’re not the only one;)

woooo, i always feel so great when other people use thing that i have made, its feels great.

The glass should be more see through!

Other than that it is good.

i think the glass is transparent enough, it was the colour glass preset in Yafray. If you have ever looked at colour glass it isn’t as transparent as normal glass. The bluse one you cant see through because it is a very dark blue. i cant fix that cause all the glass is at 0 alpha

Love that wood procedural texture. Any chance of sharing setings?

http://www.filefactory.com/?971032 try that its the file, it should work, but it doen’t work for me, try it?

if that 1 does not work try this one http://www.savefile.com/files/7198916

I think I like Yafray DoF better… You can get rid of the ugliness by turning up the samples and turning off Clamp RGB. You need about 10 passes with 10 samples each for a perfect DoF effect, though, so render times are horrible.

hope you don’t mind me asking but how do you get that fine texture on the ground?

its just a white plane with no spec.

Some photons got scattered and show up on the ground as white dots without them it would look better, but hey what can you do

I don’t think it’s the photons, I think it’s the Global Illumination. Turn off all photon lamps and turn photons off in the GI options and the noise is still there. To get rid of it, turn up the AA samples. That takes more samples of the noise, and thus cancelling them out.

Looks great!

You might want to pick a different pice of wood next time; pieces cut from the heart of the tree are notorious for warping and cracking <grin>.

the blue(?) one is a little dark, and I think they could use a little more transparency.


Try it with the Yafray internal DoF instead, and turn up the AA samples to 15x15. That should look better than what you have, and it will look much better. The 15x15 samples should also get rid of the noise.

IMO the noise is ok, as it makes the surface have more natural look.

Im interested where did you get that texture on the block of wood from? Did you draw it yourself?

The wood texture is procedural (he said that somewhere) and the noise will be random. In an animation, the noise will change with each frame and make an unnatural look.

The DoF looks unreal; it’s actually blured instead of uniformly unfocused, which looks differently. Also, the nodes DoF isn’t good for noisy images; there’s an image somewhere here of a very buisy image with nodes DoF, and it looks absolutely terrible. It wouldn’t look like that with true Depth of Feild.

I’m currently rendering an animation using Depth of Feild and Global Illumination, and I’ll show you what REAL Depth of Feild looks like.