yafray glass effect

hi guys
although i made lot of things with yafray i didnt make glass before and when i tried i didnt succed …anyone guys can give me some settings that work for a realitic glasses somehow…thanks.

bump bump bump again

try this:


Do you actually activate Radiosity? Now, I must have missed something major - but does that affect Yafray in some kind of way?

I feel like a newbie to Yafray…


No, activating radiosity doesn’t do anything if you’re rendering with YafRay.

thank alvaro for your effort…actually it didnt work at all :)…never mind…anyway how can i make something transparent in yafray like i used to do this with the frensel in blender internal?

Myke, you did not miss anything, Blender rad. doesn’t affect yafray.

Trapesourus, can you post a file?

Ah, I feel better again :slight_smile:
I DID know that but that radiosity tab seemed to be there on purpose. I also have unchecked Rad all the time so I was upset if I had missed something there…thanks for clearing it up!