Yafray + HDRI: brightness problem

Every time I use a HDRI file for lighting with Yafray, the resulting render is always extremely bright.

How can the intensity of this brightness be adjusted?

I’m following the instructions from: http://biorust.com/index.php?page=tutorial_detail&tutid=73


You should only adjust the brightness as a last resort, first try to use the exposure and gamma parameters instead (sliders in the ‘Yafray’ panel). As a start, typical values are around 1.5 for gamma and 1.4 for exposure. Most important is the exposure aprameter though. Of all the lightprobes on Paul Debevec’s site I have used in the past, the only one that needed brightness adjustment was the ‘grace’ probe.

eeshlo is right ( as usual). the lightprobes on Paul Debevec’s site seem to be fairly well balanced, but if your are creating your own from Terragen, you may have to set the exposure a bit higher. this is done from the YafRay settings (middle panel at bottom). and have fun experimenting with some “normal” low res pics. I needed the right lighting for a human figure and ended up using a “nudie” for the lighting. worked amazingly well :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile: