Yafray HDRI holeCube

A test with yafrays fantasic hdri support.
Ive had som requests for some files, so heres the whole yafray project zipped: http://www.shell.linux.se/nozzy/yafHDRI.zip.
You’ll need a “.hdr” image which you can get at http://www.debevec.org/Probes i used the “uffizi” probe.
Dump the image in the “hdr” folder in the unzipped file structure, then fray-away :smiley:

Pretty Slick. The glass looks really good.

Why are there so many black spots in yafray renders? I find them pretty disturbing.

Nice image nozzy!! Now you are hooked along with the rest of us. :wink:

Well, have you ever looked at a thick piece of glass? It does have dark areas, that soemtimes appear black. That is just the way non-coloured glass behaves. I have done some renders with coloured glass, and there is no black areas at all.


wow - this pic and some tests of mine are going to convince me as an old pov user to yafray :wink: