Yafray HDRI integration with Blender

I’m trying to get a HDRI background with the “integrated” YafRay in Blender, but I can’t locate this option anywhere.
The manual I ordered only speaks of HDRI background settings through Yable, but this was before the YafRay-Blender link was introduced. Or is this feature simply not implemented (yet) ?
Thanks a lot for any light on the subject.

Just map an HDR file on your Blender world, set AngMap if it´s a circular probe, select YafRAY and hit Render.

Hi all, hi Rangel.

I’ve followed your tip, giving the interested object the proper RayMirror params: the object properly reflects the HDRI image.

My question is: how do I get rid of the HDRI image on the background?

Thanks in advance,
>>> nic

Can blebder import .hdr images?

The only way to get rid of the HDRI image in the BG is to render to TGA with ALPHA on in the render options. Also, you need the Premul button pressed instead of the default.

Jedi Dawn: Well, sort of. You can use ANG MAPS inthw workd texture settings. You can get these from a thread here by [email protected] These can be used in Blender standard renders to hvae nice world reflections. They can not use HDRI lightin in standard Blender render.

Now, for rendering with Yafray, do as Rangel says and add the HDR file in the same spot and hit render with YAFRAY. The HDR file is exported and is used for lighting.


Thanks a lot for the reply and additional tips (have been trying for ages to remove the background).
I guess this excellent forum response cements my switch to Blender :smiley: .