Desklamp? =)


Try turning up your samples on the Hemi Light. It will look better.

I see we have a group of HDRI freaks now! :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like your model. It look like it belongs in a child’s room. Awsome. HDRI brings it to life. I like the second render the best.

ehehe its my first hdri test =) well its nice but im still searching for cool GLASSy shader in yafray.Can somebody help?
and here is the rocket file if someone will to check it :slight_smile:

<shader type = "generic" name = "Plane.mat">
		<color r="0.130000" g="0.130000" b="0.130000" />
		<specular r="0.230000" g="0.230000" b="0.230000" />
		<reflected r="0.650000" g="0.650000" b="0.650000" />
		<transmitted r="1.000000" g="1.000000" b="1.000000" />
		<hard value = "117.000000"/>
		<IOR value = "1.500000"/>
		<min_refle value = "0.200000"/>
		<fast_fresnel value = "on"/>

That is my glass shader that I used on my Figure render posted here.

I am rendering your scene with this shader and will post shortly.

Thanks for sharing the blend file too!


here is the render with the above shader:


Hope that is the material you are looking for.


Core blimey that looks nice. How does one use HDRI? I’m currently busy working on a model of a yacht, and it would look good with a shiny paint scheme :wink:

I could look at beautiful renders like this all day long. Or pictures of Ashley Judd. Either/or.

yeah BgDM!Thats cool!I like it really really verry much =)

Here’s mine. Gold Rocket.


gold? eh. now dont wonder why the guy didnt want to give u much money for that gold =D

nice steel tho :wink:

velo: as i said, very cool… and make a lamp from it :stuck_out_tongue:

:o Holy s#@!t :o

You get some amazing results in YafRay, have you got any tutorials. Please share, i want some of that too.


Rendered with MlPov 0.83 by the way.

kaktus: =) i will =) soon =)
ec2: ive searched for an export script for MLpov which support HDRI but i cant find anything. can you help?


Here is the link to jms’ Povanim script. It exports to PovRay 3.5. MLPov and MegaPov are patched verison of PovRay. Check out the script. MLPov supports HDRI.

To render an HDRI scene use following code:

#version unofficial mlpov 0.8;
sphere {
pigment { image_map { hdr “filename.hdr” once interpolate 2 map_type 7 } }
finish { ambient .3 diffuse 0.0 }
rotate <0.0, 0.0, 0.0>

(That code is from a sample file included with MlPov 0.83)

I usually add it to the lamp(filename).inc file created during export.

thats cool!THNX!

Come on pay up! Ok its more white gold than gold.

No problem. PovRay is robust. Be sure to consult the Help file (yes Help), and Povray.org and its forums. Understanding how it works has been a matter of trial and error for me.

And also for mlpov0.8 and megapov1.0

Come on pay up! Ok its more white gold than gold.[/quote]

Ok, not gold but perhaps platinum?