YafRay Header Image Contest

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Don’t you like the new website’s header image? me either… So now, you have the chance to contribute with a little but cool YafRay rendered piece… Each selected* image, will crown the website theme for one week** period.

We cannot offer money or cars (besides the Richie’s mini), but we could put a link to your website in your image…so, make something elegant


Email your work at chronoh(at)yafray.org (subject: YHC) or post your work here:

Don’t forget to tell us your name and your website url… We don’t accept email adresses instead of urls.


Actually we don’t know what volume of work we’ll receive, so this thread will be opened for one month… If we don’t receive at least 10 works, we’ll extend the deadline.

Conditions and guides:

  • Due to design layout constraints, we only accept images with a max width of 593px, however you can make your piece less wider if needed. Please, respect the image height.

  • We’ll evalue in the same proportion both concept and artistic result. It’s important that you image will harmonize with the rest of the website design… Try to tell something with your work and go beyond the reflective cube and the cristal probe.

  • It could be interesting that the image demonstrates cool YafRay features like DOF, Conetrace, HDRI…YafRay is an unexplored render engine and some features are practically unknown by people… (See FAQ for more info: http://wiki.yafray.org/bin/view.pl/UserDoc/FaqEng)

  • You can postproduce your image with GIMP to compositive and color-contast-bright modulation purposes.

  • The use of explicit slogans it’s not allowed

  • Don’t make a direct reference to the YafRay project, by this way, we can avoid redundant concepts.

Here’s the template

Thank you very much

*The image selection will be make by members of the YafRay crew.
**The image order apparition will be generated randomly by a script.

Yeah! You absolutely have to respect the hamsters!
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