Yafray help

I dont know if this is a script problem or what but ive donwloaded Yafray and yableX GUI - how do I get it to work so far if I double click on Yafray icon an error message that dissapears to fast to read. If I load up blender and import the script and press AltP i get “could not creat YABLEROOT directory”

Please explain simply as I am simple my self :smiley:

Im using windows XP if that helps.

Yafray is a console program, it has to be run from the command prompt. If you don’t know your way around DOS mode I’d suggest you download a GUI from somewhere (someone else will have to reply with a link)

As for the yableroot, you have to liik in the actual yable program, on about the second page there’s a line “yableroot = something” change the something to wherever you want to export your model to. The default path is a linux path which will make it die under windows.

thanks but i am still confused- simple you see, I got that bagisas GUI and the update from what i can see you have to export blender files to XML format which I presume you need the export script for? Basically what do i to render a blender scene in yafray is there any tutorials. Thanks

The tutorial I used to learn yafray is here