Yafray help

I dont have yafray installed to the programs file but instead into a folder on the desktop, all files, and I want to be able to render with it through blender, or by export, but It keeps giving me this annoying message about not finding the yafray script thingy. and I know what the problem is but I can fix it with the security disables that I have on this particular computer. So is there any way to export TO XML?

Your XML file is automatically generated whenever you render and then saved in Yafray’s temp folder.

Make sure the XML button is on in blender. Render with Yafray selected as the render engine. Bring the console window to focus (that text window for blenders startup) and type Ctrl-C. Your XML file is in your Yafray temp folder.

I tryed that but it diddnt save to the temp file and it keeps saying couldent find registry key for yafray

Ah, in that case you don’t actually have Yafray installed at all, you have saved the files to your desktop. You may need to talk to someone who’s had more experience with this.

Did you try filling in the file path in preferences panel? (that top bar that you have to drag down) I think if you give the path to a folder that you have access to in the YFexport field then blender will export the XML there and then you run Yafray from a command prompt from that folder.

Unfortuantly with the blocks on the computer, and the reasons I have NOT to want to hack THIS computer, I can’t reeeeealy truely install yafray. I just wanted to know if there was another way, but I guess there isnt, yet, a way so I shall give up on the subject. Thank you though for your comments and helping a yafray newb