Yafray!!! how!?

I’ve been seeing some brilliant results from the Yafray render engine. I’ve downloaded it a few times, but it never works. Or maybe I just don’t know how to install it? I’ve tried it on 2.53, 2.5 alpha2, and 2.49b… i cant seem to figure out how it works! or where it is in blender. is there some tutorial somewhere that can help me? or can you?

PS: SORRY! I accidentally posted this in the wrong section, can someone move it?

Installation notes. http://www.yafaray.org/documentation/install
Note you must remove any earlier versions of yafaray completely. If youve tried to install you’ll have python scripts on your system, find an remove.
You need the correct version of blender and the correct version of python for the version of yafaray you are trying to install. The official download is for blender 2.49b. There may be versions for blender 2.5 but no guaranett they’ll work given the current ongoing changes to blender.
Most important, read the installation instructions completely and I’d recommend reading them again.
If you have all the right versions and install as it says I’ve not had any problems.
The installation of yafaray has been covered many times in these forums so do a search for yafaray (note the spelling) to find solutions to other users common problems.
Remember, read the istallation instructions and make sure you are using the correct versions.