YafRay in Blender 2.42

Does any one know why YafRay returns only the backgrund color, this happens in Blender 2.42.

Maybe…because you violated the laws of nature by time traveling?
At least in the time i live there exists no blender 2.42 yet…

Well there are test builds:
Windows perview 16

Yafray’s currently disabled in CVS, as far as I know, due to the internal renderer refactor.

Well i’m not aware of any official release candidate or similar either, so whatever you call it, it’s just some random CVS code…

As kattkieru said, YafRay is currently disabled, and there’s still a lot be checked in before a CVS freeze for the next version can happen, Ton just pointed that out in #blendercoders…not to mention some 65 open bugs…
whatever you got, it was not rendered by YafRay, unless that download is some patchwork and not plain CVS code.