YaFray: Indoor lighting problem

Yeah as per the tutorial here, I would like to make my own cornell box. Just one problem. When place, my light doesn’t light up the inside of the box! what is with this? Somehow it lights up the outside though. Any help with this? I would appreciate it greatly!

Maybe you should check where are the face normals pointing. They should be inside, not outside.

Face normals…? What are those, and how do I make them face the inside?

Any help? Cmon, i’m desperate!

Select your cube, go to edit mode, select all faces and look into the mesh menu (on the 3d window header). From menus, it is possible to use any function, and when you don’t where it has button, or don’t know the shortcut, look there. You will surely find something about normals there.

And normal is this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surface_normal (just read the first sentence)…

Here’s the definition of a normal (just incase you needed it):

A normal is bascially the "direction" a face points. For example, if a normal of a face points AWAY from a light source then it won't be lit, unless double sided is on, then it will be lit, but the side that the normal faces too will be.

Here is a pic of what I’m talking about: (I hope I got that right, correct e if I’m wrong guys.)


in order to flip the normal the way it’s supposed to go, go into face select, or select all of the verts that make up the faces, and goto your edit tab, then under mesh tools i think it is, click on the flip normals button. to get an idea of where they are facing, goto the mesh tools 1 panel, and select the view normals button, then some blue lines should sprout out of the faces, and you will know where they are pointing.

I hope that helped.


You can also hit the AKey to select the whole mesh (in Edit Mode) for the object and then hit CTRL + N to recalculate the Normals.

Actually it’s a good idea when your working with an object that has a complicated mesh to hit the Wkey (to remove doubles) and then CTRL + N to take care of the Normals every so often, then it’s one less thing you need to try and trouble shoot down the road.

It worked, thanks guys! Sorry I wasn’t online to say thanks earlier.