Yafray install issues

I have installed blender 2.46 on Ubuntu 8.04.

I downloaded the latest yafray render engine 0.0.9 (yafray_0.0.9-exr_i386.deb) with exr support

when i try to install the yafray deb file, it says that “Dependencies are not satisfiable:libopenexr2c2a”

so i tried installing libopenexr2c2a_1.2.2-4.3_i386.deb

but it conflicts with a later version of openexr already installed with ubuntu libopenexr2ldbl_1.2.2-4.4

now i am not able to install yafray, due to this… pls advise.

I am on 64 bit, so I don’t know, but what would be the consequences of swapping them over ?

Failing that, try Yafaray:-

You would need the special Blender version as well as Yafaray, but they are both there.

alternatively… which version of yafray/yafaray would work with the current version of ubuntu 8.04 32bit and blender-2.46-i386 without patches…