Yafray interior.

This was origionally meant to look Japanese. Scrap that, I want it to be a kitchen - I want it to look real.

But, there’s numerous problems that I can see, but am unable to resolve.

Here’s the settings:
100000 Photons
6.3 radius ( that seems wrong to me? )
Depth 3

The problems are:

  1. In between the red beams, the red colour leaks onto the white wall. How to stop that?

  2. The corner in the middle of the image looks poor. How to make that look more consistent?

  3. Where the reflective floor meets the wall, it seems to radiate it’s basic colour onto the wall…How to get rid of that?

I’m not expecting a mass of comments - Usually, the comments are criticisms, but I’ve already made the criticisms of myself, and am looking for help in rectifying them… And so any response is welcomed.



Looks nice.

About the colour bleeding, get rid of GI if you don’t want it or set the bounces of light to 1 or 0, but it is what happens in real life. Hold something brightly coloured against something that is white, you’ll see what I mean.


yep, in case the red would not bleed it would take away the realism.

Regarding the blotchiness on the wall in the corner, you might be able to fix it with info from this tutorial. Here is a snippet:

If you get a very very blotchy result, you can either increase the photon count or increase the mix radius. If the “clouds” are very small, then increasing the radius will blur further and smooth them out. But if the clouds are big, increasing it will disolve the shadows too much. In this case increasing the photon count is the best solution.


I’ve improved it some.

Where the floor meets the wall at the back of the scene, it looks…Poor? What should I do to that? I’ve thought about skirting boards, but I doubt that’d look any good.

Also, I need to ask - Does it look real to you? Or, can you tell immidiately that it’s Blended? If you can, how should I go about making it look…Realer?