yafray isnt rendering my textures

i have a model of a building. yafray was rendering it just finnne and so was blender internal…

…i applied some procedurals, just clouds, stucci, noise that i was testing (errr learning about) for asphault, grass, stucco

then yafray just rendered everything that i textured solid black! whats up with that? it show my textures unluess i crank up my area light and sun light each to like 5 or more!!

any ideas…

okay, when i totally burn out the scene with crazybright lighting i notice that my textures are also way bigger than they are with blender internal…

…do i need like two scenes? one for blederinternal one for yafray?

Some procedural textures DO NOT work in YafRay (yet), but clouds do. So try using some of the variant cloud settings.

You can scale the size of the texture by adjusting the SIZE X and SIZE Y parameters in the ‘Map Input’ tab of Blender’s Materials Button (F5)

okay cool, thanks im gonna just keep my project in two scenes or files with their own texture settings.


You can also use a TGA image as a texture in YafRay, of course you know that already, but it solves the YafRay problem.

yeah…all my textures were combinations of procedural maps…thanks for the tga ref.